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She wants to represent the future, by creating Champagnes that break codes while respecting history and traditions. 

La Petite Montagne - Les Plaines 1er Cru - Blanc de Noirs Croisette 2019 - Prestige

Grande Réserve.png
Grane reserve

This cuvée is a selection of plots which may vary each year, but which are representative of the small mountain sector. It's an olfactory and gustatory journey through the grapes and the terroirs of our vineyards. 

Cuvée du domaine.png
Cuvée du domaine
Pascal Ponson - Grande réserve.png
Pascal Ponson - Cuvée du domaine.png

This cuvée was born during a parcel selection that we make each year to develop the cuvée "La Petite Montagne".

A nice balance between maturity and acidity for this Blanc de Meuniers 2017. 

Rosé des Gentes Dames

Emblem of Maison Ponson for several generations, it is the messenger of traditions. It underwent an additional year of cellaring and three grams of sugar were removed.

Composed exclusively of "heads of cuvées", it is distinguished by its dominant Pinot Meunier which gives it a fruitiness of unique elegance.

Pascal Ponson - Rosé.png
Pascal Ponson - Prestige.png

Représentatif de nos vignobles à dominante Meunier, le Prestige offre une facilité et une accessibilité à un maximum de personnes. Il est le compagnon idéal des fêtes et du quotidien. 

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