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1st generation


2nd generation


3rd generation


Paul and Juliette Ponson, winegrowers handling atCoulommes-the-Mountaingave birth to Albert in 1904. 

At the same time, in the neighboring villageVrigny,Paul and Marie Gadiot, also harvesting winegrowers, will give birth to Marguerite in 1910. Fortunately Paul Gadiot will return safe from the war. 

albert, a fatherless winegrower, became a winegrower very early in Coulommes-La-Montagne. He will marryDaisy, daughter of winegrowers in Vrigny. This will give theChampagne Albert Ponsona new terroir, but will cause the Paul Gadiot brand to disappear.

This union will give birth to Gérard and Monique Ponson in 1931. 

Gerard Ponsonwill marryMichele Mobillon, nativeSacyand herself the daughter of a winegrower.
This will bring a new terroir, that of Sacy, where Michèle is from.

This union will continue to handle, will increase the volumes marketed and will give birth to Pascal Ponson in 1959. 

4th generation


ChampagnePascal Ponsonfollows with at its headGeraldine and Pascal Ponson. Growth continues thanks to hard work and investment in production tools.

This marriage will give birth to 4 children:
Guillaume, Maxime, Camille and Annabelle. 

5th generation


Today represented byCamille and Maxime, the House wants to produce with more respect environmental, varietal, and social.

She takes advantage of the production tool created by Pascal and Géraldine to createwines that sublimate the vinesand the work of past generations. 

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